The real issues faced by real business owners.

    Please join us on Tuesday, Dec 4th

    for a complimentary Before Business Hours event
    realBUSINESSSM  seminar (video-vignette based seminar)
    Complimentary Continental Breakfast


    The reality is that many business owners spend the majority of their time working in their businesses instead of on their businesses. This means that many critical business planning issues go unaddressed, which may create adverse implications for the success and viability of the business in the future. The seminar realBUSINESS addresses these issues head on. No actors, no scripts - only real stories about real concerns told by real business owners.


    For many business owners, the primary, over-arching mistake is a failure to effectively plan. The realBUSINESS seminar addresses these avoidable missteps head-on and provides real strategies to plan for the issues that can stand in the way of the continued, long-term success of your business.


    realBUSINESS seminar addresses these important questions:

    • Is my business capable of continuing its success in the event of my or my partner's untimely death or disability?

    • Have I done everything I can to attract, retain and reward the key employees that are critical to my business?

    • How will I exit out of the business?

    • Have I given sufficient thought to who is the right successor to my business?

    • Is my retirement dependent upon the sale of my business?

    • Have I taken the necessary steps to minimize my tax burden?


    Your realBUSINESS seminar will be hosted by:

    Ed Quinn and Kathleen Brown-Heru

    Legacy Financial Group


    The event will take place at:

    New Senior Center 121 Pierce Street, E.G. (next to Academy Field)

    Tuesday morning, December 4th, 7:45 AM (continental breakfast)


    RSVP by 12/03/12 kbrownheru@financialguide.com
    or call 401-463-1309 for more information.


    We look forward to seeing you there!