The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

    Why RI? The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation offers a host of programs and services for businesses who are starting, expanding or relocating to Rhode Island. Dedicated to stimulating economic growth in Rhode Island, the Commerce Corporation is a customer-service-focused agency that invests in Rhode Island’s businesses. By helping to navigate through the public sector, providing financing vehicles, deploying state incentives, and investing in networking opportunities, the Commerce Corporation is in the business of business.

    As the only state agency focused on revitalizing the economy and fostering job creation, the Commerce Corporation is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and innovative programs to the Rhode Island business community. Two of these programs are the Business Navigation Center and the Statewide Action Team.

    Business Navigation Center: We know that the to-do list for a business can be long, but it does not have to be daunting. The team at the Commerce Corporation can help businesses walk through their ideas or challenges and make sure they are accessing all available resources at the right time.

    The recently launched Business Navigation Center, located at the Commerce Corporation, is your knowledge source for a range of business needs and opportunities. Staffed with a team of five economic development professionals who will meet one-on-one with start-up and existing businesses, the Business Navigation Center is connected to a state network of governmental agencies and resource partners to help your business thrive in Rhode Island. Whether you are launching a new start-up or looking to expand overseas, the team at the Business Navigation Center will act as your hands-on navigators walking you through these government services and partner programs.

    Rhode Island offers incentives and credits as well as grants that can aid businesses in a host of ways. To make sure that companies understand and take advantage of these incentives, the Commerce Corporation’s staff works one-on-one with clients to piece together the right approach.

    From the incentives that support the growth of companies in the state to the job training and development credits and grants that keep businesses staffed with highly qualified employees, the Commerce Corporation knows the lay of the land. We will work strategically to match clients with the appropriate tools to help them flourish.

    Business owners can connect to the Business Navigation Center at 401-278-9100 or online using the Business Navigator Tool at www.commerceri.com.

    Statewide Action Team (STAT): Do you have an issue with a state agency that is impacting your business, and you need resolution to succeed? In July of 2015, the Commerce Corporation created STAT, which is a centralized statewide concierge network comprised of 27 state agencies. STAT aims to help businesses access information, resources and programs through a single point of contact in a timely and efficient manner to promote business success.

    STAT seeks to:

    ·         Provide easy access to state agencies and their services;

    ·         Connect a business to the right state expertise and resources to make a project happen quickly and successfully;

    ·         Answer questions in a timely and accurate manner;

    ·         Provide a personalized approach for business in Rhode Island and;

    ·         Enhance agency to agency transparency and visibility.

    If you have a business challenge or are stuck in the regulatory process, contact STAT at 401-278-9100 and let us help you chart your course to success.