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  • An Update from the State House

    House and Senate Name Committee Assignments

    There are some new faces on the House Committees as released this week.  Rep. Robert Jacquard (D-Cranston) was named Chairman of the House Corporations Committee, replacing long time Chairman Brian Patrick Kennedy.  Rep. Kennedy was named Speaker Pro Tempore and will now be on the rostrum when Speaker Nicholas Mattiello is not able to lead the floor.  Rep. Jacquard was elected to the House in 1992, making him one of the most senior members of the House.  He is a retired police sergeant and a self-employed attorney.

    Leading the House Labor Committee will be Rep. Robert Craven Sr. (D-North Kingstown).  Rep. Craven was first elected to the House in 2012 and is currently an attorney at Robert E. Craven & Associates in North Kingstown. He is an assistant solicitor and probate judge in Charlestown and an assistant solicitor in East Providence.

    Below is a list of committees that hear business issues periodically.  Please note the committee membership for your Senator and Representative.

    House Finance                                     House Labor

    Chairman Marvin Abney                    Chairman Robert Craven

    Vice Chair Kenneth Marshall             Vice Chair Mary Messier

    Vice Chair Teresa Tanzi                     Vice Chair Stephen Casey

    Rep. Gregg Amore                              Rep. Christopher Blazejewski

    Rep. Jean-Philippe Barros                  Rep. Helder Cunha

    Rep. Grace Diaz                                  Rep. John Edwards

    Rep. Antonio Giarrusso                      Rep. Kathleen Fogarty

    Rep. Joy Hearn                                   Rep. Deborah Fellela

    Rep. Alex Marszalkowski                   Rep. Kenneth Marshall

    Rep. James McLaughlin                     Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee

    Rep. Kenneth Mendonca                    Rep. Daniel McKiernan

    Rep. Michael Morin                            Rep. Robert Nardolillo

    Rep. William O’Brien                         Rep. Brian Newberry

    Rep. Robert Quattrocchi                     Rep. Jared Nunes

    Rep. Scott Slater                                 Rep. Aaron Regunberg

    Rep. Carlos Tobon                              Rep. Stephen Ucci


    House Corporations                            House Health, Education & Welfare


    Chairman Robert Jacquard                 Chairman Joseph McNamara

    Vice Chair Mary Messier                    Vice Chair Dennis Canario

    Vice Chair Raymond Johnston Jr       Vice Chair Mia Ackerman

    Rep. Stephen Casey                            Rep. Samuel Azzinaro

    Rep. Michael Chippendale                 Rep. David Bennett

    Rep. Antonio Giarrusso                      Rep. Julie Casimiro

    Rep. Raymond Hull                            Rep. Susan Donovan

    Rep. Katherine Kazarian                     Rep. Arthur Handy

    Rep. Brian Patrick Kennedy               Rep. Robert Lancia

    Rep. Charlene Lima                            Rep. Shelby Maldonado

    Rep. Michael Morin                            Rep. Ramon Perez

    Rep. Jeremiah O’Grady                      Rep. Robert Phillips

    Rep. Joseph Solomon, Jr.                    Rep. Marcia Ranglin-Vassell

    Rep. Anastasia Williams                     Rep. Sherry Roberts

                                                                Rep. Moira Walsh


    House Judiciary Committee               House Environment & Natural Resources


    Chairman Cale Keable                        Chairman Arthur Handy

    Vice Chair Edith Ajello                      Vice Chair David Bennett

    Vice Chair Carol Hagan McEntee      Vice Chair Jeremiah O’Grady

    Rep. Joseph Almeida                          Rep. Susan Donovan

    Rep. Dennis Canario                           Rep. Raymond Hull

    Rep. Arthur Corvese                           Rep. Katherine Kazarian

    Rep. David Coughlin                          Rep. Robert Lancia

    Rep. Robert Craven                            Rep. John Lombardi

    Rep. John Edwards                             Rep. Alex Marszalkowski

    Rep. Blake Filippi                               Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee

    Rep. Jason Knight                               Rep. Robert Nardolillo

    Rep. Jeremiah O’Grady                      Rep. William O’Brien

    Rep. Justin Price                                 Rep. Marcia Ranglin-Vassell

    Rep. Sherry Roberts                           Rep. Aaron Regunberg

    Rep. Evan Shanley                              Rep. Carlos Tobon

    Rep. Camille Vella-Wilkinson



    House Small Business


    Chairwoman Deborah Ruggiero         Rep. Justin Price

    Vice Chair Daniel McKiernan            Rep. Robert Quattrocchi

    Vice Chair Michael Morin                  Rep. Evan Shanley

    Rep. Lauren Carson                            Rep. Teresa Tanzi

    Rep. Gregory Costantino                    Rep. Thomas Winfield

    Rep. Helder Cunha

    Rep. Deborah Fellela

    Rep. Arthur Handy

    Rep. John Lombardi

    Rep. Jared Nunes

    Rep. Robert Phillps

    Senate Finance                                                            Senate Commerce

    Chairman Daniel DaPonte                                          Chairman Roger Picard
    Vice Chair Louis P. DiPalma                                     Vice Chair Marc Cote
    Vice Chair Walter S. Felag                                         Sen. Hanna Gallo

    Sen. Ryan Pearson                                                      Sen. Frank Ciccone III

    Sen. James Doyle                                                        Sen. Paul Fogarty

    Sen. Maryellen Goodwin                                           Sen. Frank Lombardo III

    Sen. Nicholas Kettle                                                   Sen. Elaine Morgan

    Sen. James Seveney                                                    Sen. Ana Quezada

    Sen. Susan Sosnowski


    Senate Health and Human Services                            Senate Labor

    Chairman Joshua Miller                                             Chairman Paul Fogarty

    Vice Chair Gayle Goldin                                            Vice Chair Frank Lombardo III

    Sen. James Sheehan                                                    Sen. Frank Lombardi

    Sen. Jeanine Calkin                                                     Sen. Frank Ciccone III

    Sen. Elizabeth Crowley                                              Sen. James Doyle

    Sen. Thomas Paolino                                                  Sen. Mark Gee

    Sen. Adam Satchell                                                     Sen. Gayle Goldin

    Sen. Susan Sosnowski                                                Sen. Maryellen Goodwin

                                                                                        Sen. Michael McCaffrey


    Senate Environment                                                    Senate Judiciary


    Chairwoman Hanna M. Gallo                                     Chairman Michael McCaffrey                      
    Vice Chair Harold M. Metts                                       Vice Chair Paul Jabour

    Sen. Adam Satchell                                                     Sen. Erin Lynch Prata

    Sen. Louis DiPalma                                                    Sen. Stephen Archambault

    Sen. Thomas Paolino                                                  Sen. William Conley Jr.

    Sen. Ryan Pearson                                                      Sen. Cynthia Coyne

    Sen. Ana Quezada                                                      Sen. Mark Gee

    Sen. James Seveney                                                    Sen. Frank Lombardi

    Sen. James Sheehan                                                    Sen. Harold Metts

                                                                                        Sen. Donna Nesselbush

                                                                                        Sen. Leonidas Raptakis


    House Oversight Committee To Discuss Retail Renewal Permit Process

    On Thursday, January 19th, At the Rise (around 4:20 p.m.), the House Oversight Committee will be hearing testimony from Director Robert Hull of the Department of Revenue and the Tax Administrator, Neena Savage about the current process for the application or renewal of Retail Sales Permits.  The hearing will be held at the State House in Room 101.


    The following bills were filed last week:

    House Bill No. 5056AN ACT RELATING TO FOOD AND DRUGS -- DRIVE-THROUGH WINDOWS -- ASSISTANCE TO DEAF AND HARD-OF-HEARING (Requires businesses with drive-through windows to install hard-of-hearing equipment at the ordering station.)


    House Bill No. 5057AN ACT RELATING TO LABOR AND LABOR RELATIONS -- MINIMUM WAGE (Increases the minimum wage to ten dollars and fifty cents ($10.50) commencing July 1, 2017.)


    House Bill No. 5058AN ACT RELATING TO LABOR AND LABOR RELATIONS - EMPLOYMENT OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN (Requires children who seek a special limited work permit to successfully complete a worker rights' training program established and funded by the department of labor and training.)


    House Bill No. 5069AN ACT RELATING TO HEALTH AND SAFETY -- COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM (Repeals the "Rhode Island Health Care Reform Act of 2004 – Health Insurance Oversight" as well as the "Rhode Island Health Benefit Exchange, and establishes the Rhode Island comprehensive health insurance program.)


    House Bill No. 5078AN ACT RELATING TO STATE AFFAIRS AND GOVERNMENT (Changes the period of time required for occupancy for transient lodging accommodations from 30 days to 6 days.)


    House Bill No. 5107AN ACT RELATING TO LABOR AND LABOR RELATIONS - MINIMUM WAGES (Commencing on January 1, 2018, require that all developmental disabilities organizations that employ five (5) employees or more and who are reimbursed for such services by the state, to pay their employees at least fifteen ($15.00) dollars per hour.)


    House Bill No. 5108AN ACT RELATING TO HEALTH AND SAFETY (Encourages commercial property owners to install vehicle barriers at their retail establishment locations, and also permit insurers to consider the installation of such barriers to provide a discount on the owner's insurance policy.)


    House Bill No. 5113AN ACT RELATING TO MOTOR AND OTHER VEHICLES -- COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S LICENSE (Permits the use of fax or email transmission of the medical certificate required for issuance of a CDL by the division of motor vehicles.)